Caramel Squares - 5lb Wrapped

Caramel Squares - 5lb Wrapped
  • $22.99

Who knew that sugar could be even sweeter? The inventors of these amazing Caramel Candy Squares did, and we're sure thankful for their stroke of genius! These amazing, bite sized caramels are the perfect dose of creamy, chewy caramel and will satisfy any sweet tooth your mouth can muster. Individually wrapped in a clear cellophane, you can enjoy these yummy, luscious caramels one at a time and tuck some into your pocket for later.Stock up on these tasty treats to add to a retro candy bar buffet that you're planning on inviting friends over for, set a few handfuls of these out in candy dishes throughout your house for a rich sweet whenever you need a treat, or even bring these into your office to set on your desk and enjoy as a delicious afternoon pick-me-up. Whatever you do, this five pound bulk bag will melt away in your mouth for hours and hours.

SKU: ND-537

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