Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds - 10lb

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds - 10lb
  • $144.99

A perfect combination of smooth dark chocolate and almonds is embodied in the Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.The tastiness of dark chocolate and the crisp freshness of almonds are combined in these luscious treats. The higher percentage of natural cocoa extracts gives its distinctive dark chocolate flavor with a bitterness and strength to it no other dark chocolate can compare.Fresh and dry roasted premium almonds are covered with the luscious and powerful dark chocolate that everyone will surely love. These are great for parties and celebrations and even for satiating daily chocolate cravings.There really are no requirements when and where to enjoy these dark brown pebble-size delicacies. You can enjoy these anytime, anywhere.These are nice treats for those with adventurous taste buds. Let your taste buds go wild with the Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and find out for yourself how candies this small can be hugely bittersweet and tasty all at once.

SKU: ND-33066

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