Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds - 10lb

Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds - 10lb
  • $89.99

Almond lovers have found themselves a better way to enjoy the nuts with the Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds.Fresh and dry roasted premium almonds are covered with a luscious milk chocolate covering for your ultimate chocolate almond experience. The lusciousness of the milk chocolate covering combined with the crisp of fresh and premium almonds will bring you to a new level of chocolate eating experience.These are great for any party and social gathering known to men. They are also great for daily and ordinary occasions. These delicious brown stone-like delicacies are a great way to start and end your day.They are great for filling up party bags, for handing out to children at Halloween and especially for filling up Christmas stockings during Christmas Eve. Serve them up at your kid's parties and they will surely ask you for more. With its bite-size tastiness, you are sure to love them too.

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