Chocolate Lady Bugs Assorted - 75ct Tub

Chocolate Lady Bugs Assorted - 75ct Tub
  • $39.99

Adorable and sweet. That's exactly what these Assorted Chocolate Lady Bugs are. With their adorable foil wrappers which are designed to look like different colored ladybugs, these little chocolates are almost too cute to unwrap. But once you do, you'll be able to enjoy a milk chocolate candy that is incredibly delicious. If your little ones love bugs and sweets, then why not surprise them with a double whammy of amazingness? These Assorted Chocolate Lady Bugs make great party favors for little kids at a birthday party, can fit into a piñata and rain down on happy party goers to collect, and even look super cute on top of a cake or cupcakes as edible decor.

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