Cinnamon Imperials Candy - 10lb

Cinnamon Imperials Candy - 10lb
  • $79.99

Spice up your pantry with the sizzling taste of our cinnamon Imperials! These tiny little morsels pack powerful flavor that will keep your taste buds hopping.Our cinnamon Imperials are small red candies with a smooth, round shape. They're pressed then tumbled to apply multiple coatings of sugary flavor. All it takes is a quick shine to produce that sleek, flawless texture that adds visual appeal to this irresistible snack.Very similar to the famous Red Hots candy, our cinnamon Imperials are perfect for any occasion. Their bright red color makes them a popular choice for Valentine's Day and Christmas. They look fabulous when used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies or gingerbread houses.Add a handful to wedding favors or liven up any party with the fiery taste of unstoppable cinnamon! Our bulk candy package makes it easier than ever to order more cinnamon Imperials for events, gatherings and school activities.

SKU: ND-47512

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