Cinnamon Taffy - 3lb Bulk

Cinnamon Taffy - 3lb Bulk
  • $23.99

Cinnamon taffy offers spicy taste in a sweet, chewy candy! This delicious treat includes a round disc of high quality taffy candy in beautiful pink. A few narrow dark pink stripes cover the outside while the middle is solid in colorEach also comes individually packaged in a clear wrapper so the unique hues are visible before eating. Our cinnamon taffy candy is a great choice for big events like baby showers and weddings. Use them to dress up tables by pouring into a glass candy dish or jar.A handful of pink taffy in a tulle bag makes a great wedding favor. They can also be used to fill out treat bags for kids. Our bulk cinnamon taffy pack makes it so easy to get large quantities for bigger crowds. Use alone or combine with any of our other taffy products to create a custom combination just for your celebration!

SKU: ND-25199

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