Citrus Slices Candy - 10lb

Citrus Slices Candy - 10lb
  • $47.99

Make your next event a memorable one with these sweet and colorful Assorted Citrus Slices candies. These little round candies boast a burst of fruit flavor and come in many bold colors including purple, yellow, pink, orange and green with a fruit citrus design in the center of each candy.With delicious flavors such as lemon and orange, these decorative citrus slices are a great table snack at social events like baby showers and wedding receptions. They also make an ideal treat at holiday parties or birthday parties. Guests can snack on them when you leave a pretty bowl filled to the brim at the buffet table, or you can offer each guest a bag of these beautiful candies as a take-home favor. These delectable citrus slices are also a great individual indulgence, so keep some on hand in your kitchen's candy dish for when you have a craving for something a little sweet.

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