Clark's Teaberry Gum - 12ct

Clark's Teaberry Gum - 12ct
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Clark's Teaberry Gum is a classic treat that will keep taste buds happy without actually adding calories to your diet. The original Clark's teaberry gum dates as far back as 1900, but it became hugely popular in the 1960s.It was made even more famous when Pelican Films produced commercials with Tijuana Brass and Herb Alpert singing the Teaberry Shuffle. It may not be as popular as it once was, but Clarks teaberry gum is still a classic that candy lovers enjoy. Each stick of teaberry gum includes a unique blend of fresh berry flavor combined with just a hint of wintergreen.The gentle pink hue entices the eyes while the smooth texture is pleasant to chew again and again. Our bulk Clark's Teaberry Gum will make sure you never run out of your favorite classic confection! Each piece is individually wrapped and divided into packs so you can take them anywhere! Try Clark's teaberry gum and experience fruit and mint in a whole new way!

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