Coconut Bon Bons - White Chocolate 6lb Box

Coconut Bon Bons - White Chocolate 6lb Box
  • $78.99

You think we just sit here and eat bon bons all day? Well, you're right. We do. And you can too with an order of these spectacular Coconut Bon Bons. With a creamy, melty white chocolate exterior and fluffy coconut interior, you'll want to pop bon bon after bon bon into your mouth.If you love coconut or know someone who does, bring some of these home! They're a great addition for baked goods, a decadent dessert option for dinner parties, make a thoughtful and classy addition to gift baskets, and can even be bagged up for individual goodie bags.

White Coconut Bon Bons. A tasty coconut bon bon with a great coconut flavor to them. You will love to go nuts for these delicious coconuts.

SKU: 3029219-MID-001147

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