Coconut Key Lime - 3lb Bulk

Coconut Key Lime - 3lb Bulk
  • $15.99

Coconut key lime saltwater taffy brings together two fabulous flavors in one sweet confection. This version includes flavors that are reminiscent of the beachside boardwalks and sunny days out in the fresh air.You'll love the smooth texture even more when you taste the goodness of fresh coconut and fluffy key lime. Take your taste buds on a vacation with not just one but two flavors in every bite! Our coconut key lime saltwater taffy isn't just delicious, it's also elegant.Each piece includes a round of quality taffy with a soft pastel green and white spiral that winds from the center all the way to the edge. The clear wrapper keeps the beautiful pattern visible, making this a great choice for baby showers, weddings and other important occasions. Use our bulk salt water taffy to fill treat bags, wedding favors or decorative candy bowls. No matter where you put them, our coconut key lime taffy candies will tempt everyone's taste buds!

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