Coffee Rio Coffee Caramels - Original Roast 5lb

Coffee Rio Coffee Caramels - Original Roast 5lb
  • $37.95

Coffee Rio Coffee Caramel (which has taken the place of original roast) flavored hard candy individually wrapped. A great coffee candy that can wake you up in the morning.

Who needs a high-priced, high-calorie coffee in the morning when you can wake up with these delicious Coffee Rio Original Roast hard candies instead? Forego an expensive trip to the coffee shop and keep a stash of these tasty roasted flavored hard candies on hand instead when you crave that intense coffee flavor. These sweet and satisfying bites are great to suck on when you need a little pick-me-up any time of the day.

Wrapped in beautiful, classy yellow, brown, and white foil with twists at either end, these Coffee Rio Original Roast candies are also a sophisticated candy to offer at high-end events such as wedding receptions and corporate conventions. Your guests will be drawn to their attractive appearance and surprised by their authentic, great-tasting coffee flavor. Whatever occasion you decide to use these candies for, don't be surprised when all your guests rave about these exceptional hard candies.

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