Cotton Candy Pops - 30oz Bags 48ct

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Cotton Candy Pops are a fun way to enjoy a carnival favorite! You don't have to visit the local fair to get your cotton candy fix. Our lollipop version packs all the same sweet taste into a convenient hard candy on a stick.Each piece includes a disposable white stick with a brilliant pink or blue disc of sweetness perched right on top. Our cotton candy lollipops are individually wrapped so they stay fresh, clean and portable. Pour them into candy dishes during gatherings or use them to fill treat bags for birthdays and other events.Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops are also a great choice for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and other holidays. The blue and pink color makes them perfect for baby showers and weddings. Our bulk lollipop box gives you a large quantity so you always have enough for a big crowd. Share them or keep your cotton candy lollipops in the pantry as a quick snack.

SKU: ND-8502

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