Salt Water Taffy Cotton Candy - 2.5lb

Salt Water Taffy Cotton Candy - 2.5lb
  • $19.99

Take one look at this mouth-watering pink and blue swirled Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy and you'll be unable to resist their charm not to mention their deliciousness. These oh so chewy, cotton candy flavored candies will bring to mind a warm fun-filled day at the fair or a summer stroll along a beachside boardwalk.Their fun, whimsical appearance makes them the perfect addition to your birthday party decor or to a baby shower. You can use them as filler for a piñata, add them to your event's candy buffet, or include them in a bright, decorative goody bag full of candy for your guests. The eye-catching pink and blue swirls are sure to draw both children and adults right to them, and their yummy cotton candy flavor will leave them wanting more. Ice cream parlors and gift shop owners will also find these little candies look beautiful when displayed in glass bowls or containers on the shop counter, making for an irresistible impulse buy as customers check out.

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