Strawberry Cow Tales - 100ct

Strawberry Cow Tales - 100ct
  • $59.99

Strawberry Cow Tales are a savory and sweet treat! Made of strawberry flavored caramel, these chewable candy sticks are a real treat. Wrapped individually in fun white wrappers with the classic cow on the outside, they're also adorable to look at.Order some Strawberry Cow Tales if you love a candy you can chew on for more than a few minutes. Stretch, pull, or bite these Strawberry Cow Tales or suck on them until they melt away in your mouth. Since they're flavored like strawberries, these Strawberry Cow Tales make a great addition to summertime or springtime get togethers. They can also be used as drink stirrers for lemonade or fruity cocktails.

SKU: ND-24332-MID-003233

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