Vanilla Cow Tales - Mini Size 8lb

Vanilla Cow Tales - Mini Size 8lb
  • $55.99

If you have ever opened a full-size Cow Tales, and felt as though you had to finish the entire thing even though you really only wanted a bite, you will truly appreciate these Vanilla Cow Tales Mini Size treats.They are everything you love about the full-size treats, but in a convenient bite size that is perfect for anyone counting calories. Plus, they are the ideal size to keep in your desk at work to pop in your mouth when you get a sugar craving.Vanilla Cow Tales Mini Size treats are soft, chewy caramels with a rich cream center. Your taste buds will literally be singing the first time they are introduced to these bites of yummy goodness. Each one is individually wrapped, making them ideal for every candy dish and any occasion.Hand these out at Halloween and you will be the coolest house on the block. Pour some in mason jars and tie a ribbon around them for presents. You can slip a few in lunch boxes for a nice surprise.

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