Dubble Bubble Gumball Dispensers - 12ct

Dubble Bubble Gumball Dispensers - 12ct
  • $28.99

What could be a more fun giveaway than these Dubble Bubble Gumball Dispensers! You'll be the coolest house on the block if you pass these out for Halloween. Or choose them as giveaways for a birthday party or a school event.Instead of receiving one piece of candy, kids will have hours of fun with this gumball dispenser that doubles as a toy and a treat. At only 4 inches high, these dispensers are easy to carry and give away. Each gumball dispenser comes filled with Dubble Bubble bubble gum in a variety of colors and flavors.Each gumball has a juicy and fruity flavor that is enjoyable to chew and that freshens breath. The dispensers come in a few different colors with a clear container that shows the gumballs inside. Have fun dispensing one piece of gum at a time and enjoying the flavorful piece you get!

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