Fizzies Cherry - 6ct

  • $20.99

Create magic in your very own home! When you drop these Cherry Fizzies tablets into plain old water, you'll instantly create a sparkling cherry soft drink! It will even have a fun and inviting red color to match the cherry flavor.Your family and guests will be extremely impressed and you can even keep the secret to yourself if you want to maintain the sense of magic. We won't tell! Even better is that your soda will be free of sugar and calories, with added vitamin C, so you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying a nice glass of sparkling cherry soda.You get 12 action tablets in every box of Fizzies to enjoy by yourself or to share with friends. These even make a fun and exciting party activity for kids, who will be amazed by water transforming into soda. Skip the soda machine and simply add these tablets to your water!

SKU: C102811

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