Flash Pop Rings - 24ct Display Box

  • $36.99

Flash Pop Rings are a novel way to enjoy your favorite kind of candy: the classic lollipop! This fun treat is a great choice for children. Little ones will love the super sweet taste just as much as they love the flashy look of this unique lolly.Each comes in blue, red or green with a plastic ring base. The bottom is designed to fit most fingers while the top consists of a "jewel" of delicious hard candy. Choose from strawberry, watermelon and blue raspberry flavors. As if that wasn't enough, each Flash Pop ring also includes a light effect that makes it glow!Everyone will love the look of this wearable candy. Each is individually wrapped in a plastic bubble package. Add them to birthday party treat bags or give them as a special reward or prize at school activities and community events. No matter what the occasion may be, our bulk Flash Pop rings will make children smile!

SKU: ND-13943

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