Swirly Foot Pops Assorted - 120ct

Swirly Foot Pops Assorted - 120ct
  • $50.99

You said you wanted something different for your next candy buffet, so here you go! This is about as unique as you can possibly get.These Foot Pops Assorted lollipops will walk right up to your taste buds and become their best friends. As you can see by the picture, they are shaped like little feet in green, plum, and sand, with stripes of white running through them.These Foot Pops Assorted flavor lollies look just like a baby's foot, so you can imagine what a huge hit they are at baby showers. Since they have a nice long handle, you can easily create a foot bouquet with them by pushing the sticks in floral foam in a vase.These Foot Pops Assorted color lollipops are also ideal for kids' parties, as children tend to find something funny about eating feet, but then again, so do adults. Give one of these to a friend or coworker who is having a hard day, and it is sure to invoke a smile.

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