French Chew Taffy Strawberry - 1.62oz 24ct

French Chew Taffy Strawberry - 1.62oz 24ct
  • $32.99

Strawberry French Chew Taffy is absolutely delightful. With a pink and white striped wrapper, you'll be able to start enjoying it at first sight. Unwrap this candy and you'll find a lovely, chewy, flexible, and delicious strawberry flavored taffy that you can suck on or chew until your taste buds are satisfied.Do yourself a favor and order some of this Strawberry French Chew Taffy today! It makes a perfect stirrer for chocolate, plain, or strawberry flavored milk and will make your little ones smile with glee. They are also great to enjoy on their own as a sweet tooth satisfier at any time of day or night. No matter how you choose to enjoy this Strawberry French Chew Taffy, you'll fall in love with the flavor!

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