Small Fun Dip - 48ct

Small Fun Dip - 48ct
  • $20.99

Sometimes, a regular-size Fun Dip with multiple flavors is just too much to eat. Maybe you only need one package to satisfy your sweet craving, or perhaps you want to give this favorite treat to your child and their friends during a movie?The regular ones are just too much sugar so close to bedtime. Fortunately, we have these Fun Dip Small packages that are just right for any time of day. You get one mouthwatering flavor in each Fun Dip Small package.You also get an edible stick, which many say is the best part. To eat, you simply remove the stick from the Fun Dip Small package. Lick it and dip in the sweet flavored sugar. The power will stick to the wet stick, and then you lick it off.These are perfect for birthday parties, and to hand out to trick-or-treaters at Halloween. They are not just for the younger generation though! Plenty of adults get a little silly over Fun Dip, too!


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