Rainbow Giant Whirly Pops - 10ct

Rainbow Giant Whirly Pops - 10ct
  • $139.90

Lollipops are a favorite confection for many candy lovers. Our giant rainbow Whirly pops are the ultimate treat when it comes to size, flavor and color! These eye-catching sweets start with a long tube of high quality hard candy.
The tube is tightly coiled to produce a spiraling disc. The effect is even more enticing when seen with the vibrant blue, yellow and red stripes that twist along each layer! Make birthday parties and other occasions even better with giant rainbow lollipops!
Whether you're celebrating something special or simply having a get together with friends and family, guests of all ages will love the look and taste of these one-of-a-kind snacks. Our bulk Whirly Pops provide large quantities so you can easily accommodate bigger crowds.
Giant Whirly Pops are also a great choice for parents and teachers who plan school activities. Keep bulk lollipops at home so you have a quick snack to enjoy anytime you're craving something sweet!

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