Gimbals Lemon Meringue Jelly Beans - 10lb

Gimbals Lemon Meringue Jelly Beans - 10lb
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When you want the tangy and sweet flavor of a lemon meringue pie, just grab a handful of these Gourmet Gimbals Jelly Beans in Lemon Meringue. They have the refreshing and tart lemon taste you love with the sweetness and elegance of a meringue.These jelly beans come in a bright yellow shade that is like instant sunshine for a dark room. They'll brighten up any gathering with their vivid color and stimulating flavor. These gourmet jelly beans are perfect for a sophisticated event as decorations and favors.Work them into a yellow color scheme or a citrus theme. Or use them as the yellow candy jar in your rainbow of colors within a candy buffet. Wrap bundles in tulle or candy bags to give them away at the end of your event. Even though they're gourmet, kids are sure to love these jelly beans as well, so stock up on them for parties, school functions and camp events.

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