Gimbals Spicy Cinnamon Jelly Beans - 10lb

Gimbals Spicy Cinnamon Jelly Beans - 10lb
  • $63.99

Anyone who devours cinnamon candies during the holidays will adore these Gourmet Gimbals Jelly Beans in a Spicy Cinnamon flavor. They have the spicy and sweet tastes of those hard cinnamon candies but with the chewy, gummy texture and tough exterior of a jelly bean.People with spicy tastes are sure to enjoy the kick these cinnamon treats provide, from kids to adults who are known for their bold and adventurous natures.These gourmet jelly beans have the elegance needed for a special party. Place them on top of cookies and cakes for a surprising flavor kick. Or create favors, fill candy jars and decorate tables with these bright red candies. The vibrant red color will look great at the holidays or in a red color scheme any time of year.

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