Ginger Cuts Candy - 30lb Bag

Ginger Cuts Candy - 30lb Bag
  • $221.99

Have you ever had one of those days where you are craving something, but you don't know what? You already ate chocolate earlier, and you binged on fruity candy the night before.Just when you think nothing will satisfy you, you put one of these Ginger Cuts in your mouth. Here is the refreshing change your mouth has been waiting for! Ginger Cuts are hard candies made with real ginger oil. Not only do these earth-toned candies taste delicious; they are soothing to an upset stomach.Ginger relaxes your intestines and can help with nausea. They are ideal to serve to guests after a heavy meal, and they just might be the best friend to an expectant mother dealing with morning sickness. Going on a cruise and not sure how your stomach is going to respond? Pack a bag of Ginger Cuts in your suitcase. You can always drop them in your morning coffee for a little flavor, too.


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