Glitterati Mint Medley - 3.625lb

  • $65.99

Butter-mint, vanilla-mint, chocolate-mint, cinnamon-mint and peppermint. If your mouth is watering, then you'll love this Glitterati Mint Medley. Packaged in reflective, metallic wrappers and full of minty and savory flavors, these candies sure are an after-dinner treat.Spice up your dessert or coffee bars at your next event with a Glitterati Mint Medley. You can sprinkle them directly onto the table, add some to candy dishes, unwrap a few to add to the tops of brownies or other desserts, or just enjoy on their own if you need something sweet but light after a heavy meal. This Glitterati Mint Medley has a huge variety of flavor for everyone to enjoy.

SKU: C501074

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