Go Lightly Fruit Chews - Sugar Free 15lb

Go Lightly Fruit Chews - Sugar Free 15lb
  • $131.99

There is so much to love about these Go Lightly Fruit Chews it's hard to decide where to even begin. Starting with the obvious, the wrappers are bursting with personality!If you have ever been forced to guess at the flavor of a candy and were disappointed with what you got, you will appreciate that these candies have the picture and name of the fruit right on the package.So, if you are in the mood for orange, strawberry, citrus, or peach, you will know exactly which one to grab. Now, let's talk about flavor. These may be small in size, but they are certainly big in flavor. Your taste buds are delighted from start to finish.They are long-lasting hard candies, and they will satisfy your sweet tooth, so you don't binge on high-calorie treats. Also, since they are sugar-free, they are a preferred treat by diabetics. These simple yet delicious candies are perfect for a candy dish at any party or special event.


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