Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar Free - Caramel 5lb

Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar Free - Caramel 5lb
  • $48.99

Go Lightly hard candy offers a convenient way to enjoy sweet flavor without all the sugar. These mouthwatering treats include little lozenges of hard candy that are full of savory flavor. Our caramel version is sugar free so you can easily incorporate them into any diet.The smooth texture and creamy taste will keep you coming back for more! Don't worry, our bulk caramel hard candy pack will ensure that you never run out. Each Go Lightly hard candy arrives individually wrapped in solid golden brown cellophane.The polka dotted ends are slightly darker, adding a touch of variety that makes these treats so handsome. All you have to do is twist the end and enjoy the hard candy hidden inside! Try our bulk sugar free candy at home, at work or wherever you need a bit of sweet flavor. Go Lightly caramel hard candies will satisfy taste buds without all the sugar.

SKU: C100363

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