Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar Free - Cinnamon 5lb

  • $45.99

Would you rather chew on your arm than eat another unsatisfying sugar-free candy? We understand! Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar-Free Cinnamon treats are unlike the candies that have let you down in the past.They are totally satisfying, and since they are hard candies, they last really a long time. They might even help you push through your afternoon or late night sweet craving.Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar-Free Cinnamon treats are gluten-free, sugar-free, made in the USA, and organic. They are sweetened with Splenda, and made specifically for diabetics, even though you sure don't need to have any health concerns or be on a diet to enjoy these flavorful treats.Since they are individually wrapped in red packaging with polka dots, they are perfect for candy dishes at Valentine's Day and Christmas, or you can just keep them in a jar year-round to enjoy.

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