Gold Mine Bubble Gum - Original 24ct Display Box

Gold Mine Bubble Gum - Original 24ct Display Box
  • $52.99

Gold Mine bubble gum is a fun novelty candy that everyone will enjoy! If you love confections that are unique, this is a great alternative to boring sticks of gum or plain gum balls. Each nugget bubble gum includes chewy texture and a thin candy coating that makes every bite delightful from start to finish.Our bulk Gold Mine bubblegum pack contains a number of sacks of chewy nuggets. Keeping with the gold miner theme, each is packaged in a fabric drawstring bag with gold cord. The front is printed with the candy logo in black. They make an exciting addition to themed birthday parties.Even a pirate themed party is a great time to give away these edible told nuggets! Order or bulk bubble gum box today so you have many Gold Mine nuggets to hand out at school activities or family gatherings. Gold Mine bubble gum also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer!

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