Good & Plenty - 5lb

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Good & Plenty is sure to make your taste buds dance with the classic taste of sweet licorice! These unique confections are the preferred treat of kids and adults across America.Each piece consists of a small cylinder of black licorice that's coated in a smooth candy shell. The rounded edges produce a capsule shape that complements the delightful texture and taste enjoyed with every bite! Our bulk Good & Plenty package gives you a large quantity that's perfect for events and celebrations.Use them to fill wedding favors or treat bags with that familiar white and pink color scheme. While Good & Plenty candies may be a modern favorite, they have been around for decades. The Quaker City Confectionary Company created Good & Plenty in 1893, making it the oldest branded candy in the U.S.!The brand changed hands multiple times before ending up as part of Hershey Foods in 1996. Order our bulk Good & Plenty candy today and taste the timeless flavor that makes these longstanding confections so delicious!

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