Purple Grape Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb

Purple Grape Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb
  • $13.99

If you were able to take an old-fashioned grape soda and turn it into a piece of candy it would taste just like these Purple Grape Jelly Beans.Grape is one of the top favorite flavors by kids and adults alike, so why aren't there more grape candies made? If this is one of your favorite flavors then you will appreciate that this great big bulk supply should last you a while.Purple Grape Jelly Beans boast a rich, earthy shade of purple that can find its place nicely in any environment. From being in a bowl at a child's birthday party to sitting there on display to at an elegant event, these treats are perfect for nearly any occasion.They even are a nice addition to black or white candies for a black tie event. Purple Grape Jelly Beans are fat-free and extremely low in calories, so you can use them to snack on when you need to curb an afternoon craving.

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