Squiggly Pops Green & White Lollipops - 48ct

Squiggly Pops Green & White Lollipops - 48ct
  • $14.99

Spring is in the air with these adorable Squiggly Pops Green and White Lollipops. They feature an inviting green and white swirl design on a long white lollipop stick and come individually wrapped. Kids of all ages will flock to these festive treats!Perfect for birthday parties or events where you want to foster a carnival-like atmosphere, such as summer picnics, holiday parties, or baby showers, these delicious green and white Squiggly Pops will look lovely decorating your dessert buffet table or being showcased as part of a festive candy centerpiece on each guest table. Toss one of these scrumptious, long-lasting treats in each guest's goody bag to make sure everyone gets their own, or brighten your dining room's decor by including a lollipop at each place setting. Your guests will appreciate being greeted with one of these beautiful green and white Squiggly Pops when they reach their seat.

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