Gummi Jet Fighters - 5lb

Gummi Jet Fighters - 5lb
  • $17.99

Gummy jet fighters bring high flying flavor to your candy collection! This unique airplane gummy offers something different for those who are tired of the standard gummy bears and worms.Children will love playing with their food when they see these chewy aircraft in the candy dish. Each includes a sleek jet shape with long front, sloping wings and subtle tail.Every piece comes in multiple colors ranging from yellow and red to green and blue. Our gummy jets are a perfect choice for themed birthday parties and other events. Use them to fill treat bags or place them on cakes, cupcakes and cookies.They are also a unique option for aviation enthusiasts who are hosting special events for their fellow airplane lovers. Bulk jet gummies are tasty whether you're enjoying them in the company of friends or at home by yourself after a busy day. Each is soft, chewy and ready to glide right down into a hungry tummy!

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