Gummi Penguins - 2lb

  • $46.99

If your child is having a birthday party with a zoo, aquarium, or animal theme, consider these unique Gummi Penguins when deciding on what treats to offer on the big day. If they love penguins, they will adore these sweet black and white penguin-shaped gummi candies.You can create a penguin-themed party with balloons, decorations, and dinnerware all featuring the adorable little creatures, and carry that theme through to the treats you give them at the party or as part of the party favors you send home with each child. Fill a tray with water and freeze it to create a sheet of ice, then set these Gummi Penguins up on the ice and then place this on the main serving table for a creative, charming centerpiece. You can also place small bowls filled with these Gummi Penguins at each table setting so every child has these cute animals waiting to greet them when they sit down.

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