Gummi Pizzas - 48ct Display Box

  • $31.99

Kids and the young at heart will absolutely love these Gummi Pizzas! They mimic the look of a real pizza with cute and colorful toppings, but instead of having the savory tastes of dough, cheese and tomato sauce, they actually taste sweet with a mix of fruity flavors.This fun contradiction makes the eating experience lots of fun for anyone! Plus, these candies have the chewy texture you love in gummy treats. With their pizza theme, these treats are perfect for Italian events at your restaurant or for your Italian-American organization.Nonetheless, you don't have to be Italian to enjoy these fun treats, just like you don't have to be Italian to enjoy real pizza. Each "pizza" comes in its own little pizza box with a clear window that shows the treat within. Make these fun favors for a party, sell them at your pizzeria or at a pasta fundraiser, or enjoy them at home with your family.

SKU: ND-8540

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