Haribo Red Licorice Wheels - 5lb

  • $20.99

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. However, we're sure glad this candy company did! That's because these Haribo Red Licorice Wheels are an edible and delicious take on a monumental invention. Their traditional red licorice flavor and chewy texture have made these a favorite among candy fan.Rolled up in a wheel of sugary, chewy, and delicious bliss, you can unroll this licorice and enjoy bite after bite. Bring these home for your next party to give your guests a classic treat they can enjoy. Add these to a candy buffet bar for guests to scoop into their own bags and enjoy at home. Even enjoy these while watching a movie, sporting event, or as a snack when you need a sweet pick-me-up. Whatever you do with these wheels, you'll be happy to snack on them. With about 45 pieces per pound in this five pound bulk bag, you'll have a ton of candy to roll into your mouths!

SKU: C101429

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