Haribo Raspberries & Blackberries - 5lb

  • $24.99

Forage for these amazing gummi fruits and you'll want to come back for handful after handful! That's because these amazing Haribo Raspberry and Blackberry Gummis look like the real berries they're named for and taste like them too. In bright red and deep purple, these textured gummis have an uncanny similarity to their natural variety.If you're having a summertime get-together, these little gummi berries would look lovely set out on a table amongst a real fruit platter. They can also be used for drink garnishes and would look so pretty and taste great on top of a strawberry shortcake or whipped cream frosted cake! Use your imagination however you wish for how you'd like to enjoy these little gummis and you won't be let down. In a five pound bulk bag, you'll get an entire berry patch full of delicious fruit flavor and chewy goodness.

SKU: ND-725

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