Haribo Gummy Sour Cherries - 5lb

  • $20.99

Haribo sour cherry gummies are the chewy treat inspired by one of the world's favorite fruits! Each piece is shaped into a playful cherry, with a round bottom, thin stem and angled leaf top.The stem and leaf are green while the ripe cherry base is bright red, recreating the look of a beautiful fresh picked cherry. Just like their namesake, these chewy confections offer sweet juicy flavor that will leave your taste buds begging for more!Every Haribo gummy cherry is smothered in sour sugar granules to give it that extra tart bite. Children and adults alike will love the combination of sweet and sour with a generous helping of cherry flavor.These novelty gummies are also a great choice for special occasions, like birthday parties, showers and more! Use them to fill wedding favors for spring or summer ceremonies or put the finishing touches on the kid's Easter baskets with fun cherry candy!

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