Haribo Sour Fruity Pasta - 12ct

  • $20.99

Serve up these Haribo Sour Fruity Pasta candies at the end of your next Italian meal! They're a delightful surprise because the pieces look like pasta noodles, but they're actually pieces of gummy candy.Kids and adults will love this fun and delicious treat. They come in a mix of sweet fruit flavors mixed with a sour taste to tantalize your taste buds, with red, green and yellow colors to match. There are endless ways you can have fun with these playful treats.Serve them as dessert for a pasta fundraiser, buy some for your favorite Italian or use them as favors for an Italian-themed event. If you're a jokester, pretend they're tomato and spinach pasta, then watch for the look of surprise as your victim digs in. Add a bag or two to an Italian gift basket along with real pasta, wine and other Italian treats. Even if they're not Italian, anyone will get in on the fun of these fruity pasta candies.

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