Haribo Twin Cherries - 5lb

  • $35.99

Liven up your next celebration with these adorable Haribo Twin Cherries candies. These great tasting cherry flavored gummy candies are shaped like twin cherries with a green stem, and their fruity cherry flavor will satisfy everyone's craving for sweets. These cute little treats are perfect for baby showers or children's birthday parties. Place a bowl of these bright, cheerful ˜cherries' on each table as a colorful centerpiece, and you'll see how quickly they disappear due to their irresistibility.You can also offer these Haribo Twin Cherries gummy candies in decorative bags sealed with a pretty ribbon to make an unforgettable party favor. Kids will adore how closely these resemble the real thing, and once they taste their juicy flavor and delicious chewiness, they won't be able to stop at just one. These candies also make a great garnish for ice cream sundaes or for fruity cocktails and will put a smile on everyone's face.

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