Hot Tamales Movie-Size 5oz Boxes Fierce Cinnamon - 12ct

Hot Tamales Movie-Size 5oz Boxes Fierce Cinnamon - 12ct
  • $29.99

Make your taste buds dance with Hot Tamales candy! This unique confection features an intense cinnamon flavor that is similar to classic Mike and Ike treats.

Hot Tamales were originally sold in 1950. The candy was named for the spicy tamale. While different versions were created, including the Super Hot Hot Tamale, many candy loves still prefer the original. Hot Tamales theater boxes are a great choice for parties, events and more!

Host movie night at home and give guests a snack that looks like it was just bought at the theater concession stand! Each box contains 5 ounces of red Hot Tamales. Our bulk Hot Tamales are also a great choice for treat bags, stocking stuffers and much more.

Give them out during Halloween or take them to work and treat your colleagues to the rich, spicy taste of delicious chewy cinnamon candy. You get tons of Hot Tamales at a great price every time you order!

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