Ice Blue Mint Coolers - 14lb

  • $64.99

Bite into an Ice Blue Mint Cooler candy for a blast of icy peppermint flavor. These hard candies are individually wrapped and made using distilled peppermint oil to provide a long-lasting, intense peppermint taste that will leave your breath feeling fresh all throughout the day.The refreshing Ice Blue Mint Coolers are a great accompaniment to any meal as an after-dinner treat to freshen one's breath. The vibrantly colored candies can also be used as peppermint party favors for birthday parties, weddings, or other fancy occasions. They will brighten any room and add some sparkle to your party decor. Purchase them for your next business conference or convention and offer them as a treat to your hard-working employees who need a refreshing snack or breath freshener after a workroom luncheon.

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