Black Cherry Jelly Beans - 2lb

Black Cherry Jelly Beans - 2lb
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Satisfy every black cherry lover's sweet tooth with these flavorful, stylish Black Jelly Beans. The jelly beans have a rich black color with a shiny sheen that leaves them glistening in your candy bowl. They are ideal as party favors for masculine occasions such as bachelor parties or sporting events, and also make a great addition at corporate conventions or as a promotional item at sales events.Add these to Easter baskets or to candy centerpieces at Easter parties to give the affair a special touch, and anyone who loves black cherry will keep coming back for more. You can also pair them with orange jelly beans and offer them as a treat for Halloween or as favors at a Halloween bash. Whatever you decide to use these black jelly beans for, they will definitely keep your guests coming back for more.

Bulk black cherry jelly beans are the candy you need to decorate your party or your kitchen. Grab some of these little candies with a big flavor.

Jelly beans in a black cherry flavor and black in color. These jelly beans have a wonderful cherry taste you will sure enjoy.

SKU: 16958-MID-000252

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