Jelly Belly Cinnamon - 10lbs

  • $89.99

When you look at these brilliant red-colored jelly beans, you probably expect to taste strawberry, raspberry, or some type of tropical punch flavor.Boy will your taste buds wake up when they feel the heat of the intense cinnamon flavor. These Jelly Belly Cinnamon jelly beans are a refreshing change from chocolates and fruit-flavored candies. Plus, they give you pretty amazing breath, which is always a bonus.Jelly Belly Cinnamon jelly beans are perfect for Valentine's Day. You can even fill little pieces of colored tissue paper with some and tie a ribbon around them to hand out to coworkers and friends, especially those who don't have a Valentine!Mix them with green jelly beans for a candy dish at Christmas or combine them with fresh blueberries on cupcakes for your Fourth of July celebration. They are also the perfect companion to black licorice jelly beans for your New Year's Eve party. Jelly Belly Cinnamon jelly beans are low in calories, vegetarian-friendly, and fat-free.

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