Coconut Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

  • $86.99

Jelly Belly is known for creating authentically-flavored jelly beans, and these Jelly Belly Coconut Jelly Beans live up to that reputation with their delicious, natural coconut flavor. These pristine white jelly beans have a shiny candy coating and a chewy texture that satisfies with every bite.Coconut enthusiasts will appreciate the intense taste of these delectable coconut jelly beans, and everyone will be impressed by their uniqueness. Not your average jelly bean, these Jelly Belly Coconut beans are a fun treat to give away at more sophisticated venues like an anniversary party or wedding reception. Resembling shiny white pearls, they look great against a silver platter or bowl and displayed on a buffet table. They also make a lovely party favor when packaged in a sheer decorative bag with a coordinating ribbon to complement the look. Next time you are searching for a delicious coconut flavored candy, try these tasty bite size Jelly Belly Coconut Jelly Beans and you'll find something that satisfies every palette.

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