Jelly Belly Dr. Pepper - 10lb

  • $86.99

Part of the reason people flock to Jelly Belly is their wide assortment of amazing flavors. This choice is no exception! You get the refreshing and intriguing taste of Dr. Pepper soda within a tiny candy package!Adding the chewiness of jelly beans to the flavor of your favorite soda only makes the experience more exciting. These candies come with a maroon color and a sheen coating for a delectable look that you can't pass up. Since Dr. Pepper is such a popular soda, you can rest assured that your party guests will love this jelly bean selection.Display it on its own or with other delicious Jelly Belly flavors for your guests to try and enjoy. These beans come unwrapped, so you can turn them into party or wedding favors by pouring them into favor containers. The combination of a delicious taste and the gourmet nature of Jelly Belly will help these treats fit a variety of events.

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