Jelly Belly Jelly Beans - 10lb - French Vanilla

  • $85.99

When you're looking for a candy idea with a more gourmet taste, look no further than these Jelly Belly French Vanilla jelly beans! A great way to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth while impressing them with a classy candy treat, these French Vanilla jelly beans are both sweet and succulent. Their creamy white candy coating with vanilla bean speckles makes for an attractive addition to your party decor.Serve them in small, pretty boxes tied with a shimmery ribbon to create a lovely party favor, or fill candy bowls with these jelly bean gems and place a bowl at each table so guests can munch on them before, during, and after their meal. You can even spice up an ice cream bar and serve these Jelly Belly French Vanilla jelly beans as a topping or sprinkle them on the side of bowl of French Vanilla ice cream. You'll find there are countless ways to feature these jelly beans at your next event or gathering.

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