Jelly Belly Kiwi - 10lb

  • $89.99

Kiwi gives a flavor burst that is always exciting! These Jelly Belly Kiwi jelly beans pack the flavor of kiwi into each tiny candy so that even one is extremely satisfying.The bright green hue of these beans instantly bring to mind the vivid green flesh of the kiwi fruit that hides within the brown exterior. With Jelly Belly, you get the gourmet style and amazing taste you'll want for events ranging from a kids' backyard birthday party to an elegant wedding.Our bulk Jelly Belly jelly beans will stock you up with the amount of candy you'll need for a wedding, birthday party or other event. These vibrant beans will match a green color scheme or a New Zealand kiwi theme. Or mix them with other fruity flavors like their favorite counterpart strawberry.Scatter them around guest tables or present them in glass bowls to add a delicious snack and a decoration at the same time. Or serve them up in favor bags so guests can take them home. Just don't be too surprised if they never make it home since they're so irresistible!

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