Mango Jelly Belly - 10lb Jelly Beans

  • $89.99

Bring the taste of the tropics to your hometown with these tropical and refreshing Mango Jelly Belly jelly beans. Each bite brings you a refreshing burst of fruity flavor that satisfies on its own or blends with other fruit or tropical jelly bean flavors.These candies come in a fun light green shade reminiscent of the green that combines with the reds and oranges you find on a real mango's skin. Speckles of dark green make these jelly beans look even more inviting. Jelly Belly's jelly beans add a gourmet sensibility to your gathering with the delectable flavor, perfect consistency and unswerving quality of each juicy morsel.Choose this flavor if you're going for a green theme, you want a tropical vibe or you just love the taste of mango. This choice is perfect to eat in the summer, although your guests will love them any time of year. They will bring some of the tropical sunshine to your location!

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